Producer of functional ingredients for the food industry

C&P Additives offers food additives with high quality, functionality along with a wide range of applications.

Our technology has allowed us to develop special mixtures for Dairy, Meat, Fish, Bakery and other food industries.

These mixtures improve the quality of food products through physical and chemical properties obtaining the desired viscosity, density, uniformity, and texture among other properties, which characterize a food product.

                                                                                 Transglutaminase Enzyme Producer

Our mixtures are based on our versatile and pioneer food additive, Transglutaminase, which is an enzyme that allows the bonding of proteins. Standardizes quality in different food applications such as cold and fermented meats, yogurt, cheeses, bread and many other products.

We develop seasonings for fish, beef, pork, and seafood applications. Our seasonings can also be custom made to meet your needs.

Our seasoning line offers functional blends for cold meats, which facilitate production activities adding all the ingredients needed in just one.product, as spices, transglutaminase and other ingredient’s that add the desirable flavor, color, bite and texture for the consumer.
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